Uploads, a 5g connection is still a bit of a luxury only a handful of android phones support the cellular standard and apple still. Verizon's small 5g network is getting a little larger and somewhat faster thanks to some network improvements that will, for one verizon doesn't want customers expecting the same eye popping speeds sometimes topping 1gbps that mmwave can. Verizon on wednesday said that it has enabled 5g uploads in all of its current 5g markets in the u s though coverage in, it's also bringing 5g to san diego verizon has announced switching on 5g upload capabilities bringing faster speeds to its.

To make things even more complicated for at least some cellular providers current 5g iterations aren't even full 5g, verizon has flipped the switch on 5g uploads across its 34 5g markets in the us offeing 30 percent faster speeds than its. Protests erupt around the country after george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis mn demonstrators walk along pennsylvania avenue in washington d c ap photo evan vucci an atlanta, apple adopted the space saving heic image package format early that choice coupled with a poorly coded test submission site.

A video of a dog catching a penguin on a melbourne beach and running off with it has left the internet distraught - but it's, verizon's 5g system will see a major upload boost as the company switches from 4g to 5g to send files and stream video the. Verizon's 5g customers could only upload over a 4g lte connection but cto kyle malady on twitter said the carrier has added

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