(Photo courtesy of the Ouimet Family)
Molly and Matthew Ouimet of Antioch.

An Antioch family is trying to raise money for their teen’s life-saving kidney and liver transplant.

Molly Ouimet’s younger brother Matthew received a kidney and liver transplant in 2013. They were both diagnosed with primary hyperoxaluria type 1, but Molly has not been able to receive the life-saving kidney and liver transplant that was recommended by doctors at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center.

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association is seeking additional volunteers to join the fundraising campaign to fund the operation, which could exceed $800,000, according to the organization.

COTA volunteers in Antioch are raising $150,000 to assist Molly and Matthew’s family with transplant-related expenses. As of early July, the fundraiser had raised $37,627.

Individuals or groups interested in more information are asked to contact Community Coordinator Pat Hennessy at 925-817-8853 or visit www.cotaformollyandmatthew.com.