San Francisco Mayor London Breed has tested negative for COVID-19 after she was recently exposed to the virus, she announced Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Breed announced she would be limiting public events for the next 10 days after she learned she attended an event where someone who had tested positive for COVID-19 was also in attendance.

“I've tested negative for COVID-19,” Breed wrote on Twitter, adding that she's continuing to follow the city's Department of Public Health's guidelines, including taking another test next week.

The person who attended the same event as Breed reportedly attended knowing that they had recently tested positive.

“Obviously going to events when you know you're COVID-positive is reckless. But if you're going to a party, or putting yourself in situations where you can easily catch the virus, you're also putting others at risk. You can have the virus and not know it,” she said.

“That means you can be exposing a single mom who is already struggling to provide for her family. You can be exposing your parents, or a senior, or a person with pre-existing conditions who is more likely to die from this virus. Don't be selfish. No one is immune from COVID-19,” she said.

“Your actions matter and every choice you make right now can be the difference between someone living and someone dying.”