A collective of 32 nonprofits, city agencies, state entities and educational institutions have officially formed an urban nature alliance in San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences announced Thursday.

Called Reimagining San Francisco, the collective’s aim is to turn 30 percent of San Francisco into a biodiverse green space by 2030, boost people’s access to nature, and build a network of biodiverse corridors for wildlife and residents, among other ambitious goals.

“Nature is not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” said Tyrone Jue, director of the San Francisco Environment Department. “I am excited to work together with our diverse partners to bring more nature into every neighborhood, especially those who face environmental injustices. Every San Franciscan should enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature and join us in creating a greener, healthier, and more livable city for everyone.”

The alliance — which includes organizations like the Exploratorium, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the Friends of the Urban Forest — said it is dedicated to creating a comprehensive strategy to revitalize and preserve San Francisco’s ecological health.

“... Every San Franciscan should enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature and join us in creating a greener, healthier, and more livable city for everyone.”

Tyrone Jue, director of the San Francisco Environment Department

The announcement came on California Biodiversity Day, which marks the anniversary of the formation of the California Biodiversity Initiative, a landmark charter that aims to preserve the state’s native species.

State agencies and their partners, including the California Academy of Sciences, are hosting a myriad of public awareness campaigns and events to protect and preserve species that are unique to California.

This week, the Academy hosted a 12-hour livestream that featured 50 environmental experts naming the state’s flora and fauna. On Saturday it will co-host a community “bioblitz” near Sacramento with other state partners.

A year in the making

Rebecca Johnson, who co-directs the Academy’s biodiversity conservation initiative “Thriving California,” said that forming this alliance was a year in the making.

“It’s no easy feat to rally this many institutions behind a single cause, but every organization in this alliance knows that the change our city needs cannot be done by one organization alone,” Johnson said.

“I hope that seeing just how many organizations are committed to working together toward a San Francisco where people and nature thrive together will spark optimism among San Franciscans for the future of our beautiful city,” she added. “With the combined resources, brilliance, and passion of this many organizations and talented individuals, we can be a powerful agent for regenerating San Francisco.”

Over the next year, the alliance plans to identify a portfolio of projects that aim to engage residents with stewardship, integrate natural landscapes with the built environment around it and assist with land management.

“For communities of color, Reimagining San Francisco translates to reconnecting the people to the land,” said Dr. Hollis Pierce-Jenkins, executive director of Literacy for Environmental Justice.

“A new generation needs to embrace history, learn from elders, and reclaim their love affair with the outdoors in ways that are holistic and healing. The cultural footprint in green spaces needs to reflect the diverse contributions of the people. Justice outside brings gratitude, healing and re-alignment with nature,” Pierce-Jenkins added.