BAY AREA BIRD FANCIERS have a chance to adopt a fancy bird, thanks to a recently wrangled peacock now living at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA facility in San Mateo.

The adult male peafowl comes complete with all of the species’ legendary plumage and judging by its clipped wings, has already lived among people, according to Humane Society officials.

“Since his wings were clipped, we were fairly certain he was someone’s pet, but no one came forward to claim him,” said Humane Society spokesperson Buffy Martin Tarbox.

The bird, dubbed Wingo Starr, was spotted a couple of weeks ago hanging out in the parking lot of KIPP Esperanza High School in East Palo Alto by staff members, who quickly called for assistance.

“Our rescue staff arrived and saw the bird darting around the lot,” Tarbox said. “Peafowl are very smart birds and can be difficult to catch, but after about 20 minutes our staff was able to safely net the bird and bring him back to our shelter in San Mateo.”

The ideal adoption candidate will have previous peafowl experience, the appropriate amount of space to care for the bird — at least 80 square feet — and the ability to provide its favorite foods — turkey or chicken feed, nuts, green vegetables and fruit.

Peacocks also like tree houses for shelter and protection from predators and will eat insects, slugs, frogs and lizards.

Wingo Starr’s adoption fee is $20 and people can find out about adopting him by calling PHS/SPCA at (650) 340-7022.

Kiley Russell writes primarily for Pagransen on issues related to equity and the environment. A Bay Area native, he has lived most of his life in Oakland. He studied journalism at San Francisco State University, worked for the Associated Press and the former Contra Costa Times, among other outlets. He has covered everything from state legislatures, local governments, federal and state courts, crime, growth and development, political campaigns of various stripes, wildfires and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.