Fremont police has warned the public against a new scam where disturbing imagery is texted to victims, along with their personal information, to scare them into sending money to con artists.

Fremont police said Wednesday personal information being sent by scammers includes their victim’s name, address, phone number or work address. The swindlers then demand money in exchange for the safety of the victim and their loved ones.

“These scams are meant to elicit a high emotional response and cause the victim to send money out of fear for themselves or their family,” the Fremont Police Department said.

The public is reminded that names, phone numbers and addresses can easily be found in public records. There is no reason to immediately establish there is danger just because someone sends this information.

Those who may receive phone calls or text messages from unfamiliar numbers with such information are advised to contact their loved ones to confirm that they are safe.

Those who believe their family’s life is in danger can report it to Fremont police through 911 or (510) 790-6800.