The California Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday suspended the autonomous vehicle company Cruise LLC’s deployment of driverless cars in San Francisco effective immediately.

The DMV said the suspension is because the vehicles were deemed to be “not safe for the public’s operation” and that the manufacturer “misrepresented” information related to their safety.

The suspension does not impact Cruise’s permit for testing of the vehicles with a safety driver inside.

Cruise in a statement said the suspension comes after an investigation into an Oct. 2 collision involving one of their autonomous vehicles in the area of Market and Fifth streets in San Francisco.

A hit-and-run driver struck a woman crossing the street against a red light, knocking her into the path of the Cruise vehicle. The company said the vehicle detected a collision and came to a stop, but then tried to pull over to avoid further road safety issues and pulled the woman forward about 20 feet.

An update on the woman’s condition was not immediately available, and the hit-and-run driver remains at large.

Cruise said they shared information about the collision, including the full video, with state and federal regulators, including the DMV, and that the company is “currently doing an analysis to identify potential enhancements to the AV’s response to this kind of extremely rare event.”

The union Teamsters Local 856, which represents freight drivers and warehouse workers, had held a rally at Cruise headquarters in San Francisco earlier Tuesday to demand more regulation of the autonomous vehicles, also called “robotaxis.”

Union vice president Peter Finn said in a statement following the DMV’s announcement that it was “a step in the right direction, but it’s too little, too late.”

Finn said, “Regulators and lawmakers need to stop letting Big Tech use California as a playpen for its expensive toys. It’s only a matter of time before this results in a fatality.”

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